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Where's Brittney


Double Raped & Bagged

Reviewed by LTL

As you guys could probably tell (for those of you that paid attention that is), I’m really big into B&D and erotic asphyxiation. And to go even further, suspensions, inversions and plastic bag torture.

Well, to my delight, there just happened to be 2 offering at Nicheclips the past 2 days, so I thought I’d give a go at a couple of mini reviews.

First off, Where’s Brittney ($11.00 / almost 14 minutes) at the Bella Morte store (BTW, they offer DVDs. See URL). Brittney played by a hot looking blonde with big natural big tits, has been missing for 4 days. This is where the clips starts.

Brittney is tied to a post in the cellar as her kidnapper comes in and turns on the lights waking her. He reads to her part of a news story about her disappearance then gets up and leaves. He however drops his knife as Brittney tried to retrieve it with her foot after he’s left the room. He later comes back and starts yelling at her about how the hell did she get the knife. Then unties her and as she starts to scramble for the door he strangles her to unconsciousness.

Next scene she’s hanging upside down with her hands tied behind her back and forced to perform oral (simulated). After finishing he pulls a plastic bag over her head and duct tapes it over her, where she ends up suffocating to death after a lengthy struggle.


Hot looking babe: A+
Good acting from victim: A
Originality (not having seen similar) w/good long stretches of bagging: A


Terrible acting from villain (couldn't act his way out of a paper bag: D
Bad edits here and there: C-

Overall grade B on the strength of actress and bagging segments alone.

Hot babe w/killer body hanging upside-down and tortured w/bagging…need I say more?


Next up, Double Raped & Bagged ($22.00 / 31+ minutes) (DVD's available from Psycho-Thrillers)

I had high expectations for this one as I am familiar with what Psycho Thrillers can do.

This one stars off on the street with a bus stop pick-up of the victim. As I’m watching this, I’m thinking this really looks like mainstream movie other than some audio problems at the bus stop scene. The victim is a nice looking blonde with fantastic natural tits and a nice tan line to go with ‘em. Her head gets bashed against the dashboard of an SUV as she gets handcuffed and taken to the two perps house. There they strip her and take turns raping her before bagging her to death.

The sex is real but the performance is average at best, although she does scream a few times (and really scream!), by the end of the first rape it sounds more like consensual moaning than anything else (she's ungagged by then). Then it goes downhill fast. There is no interaction between villains as the one waiting his turn just sits in the background watching (unlike the excellent interaction from “The Good Murders” that I mentioned before in an earlier post).

And then downhill fast. They un-cuff her and tie her wrists to her ankles…but the ties are so loose she can easily reach up and pull the bag away when they start to bag her. It is so poorly done in fact that she kinda reminds me of a marionette in as much effort she puts into freeing herself. In fact she spends most of the bagging with one arm draped across the leg of one perp. and the other arm on the leg of the other perp. (inches from the bag and doesn't attempt to pull it off).

I've grown to expect a lot from P.T. but this one, after a very promising start, was horrible.


Hot blonde w/ great body: B+
Real sex: B


Horrible attempt at bagging: D
So-So acting from victim and villains: C
Overall grade: D

Don't waste your time on this one (see Death in the Family from P.T. instead. Super hot model looking trophy wife target of hit…no bondage though).


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